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Milton Keynes commercial carpet cleaners

Our carpet cleaning in Milton Keynes for Commercial Customers has three different options to select from - which are Hot water extraction, Rotary Scrubbing and bonnet buffing. HWE technique has the longest drying time due to water consumption amount in the process. Despite this, this method and technique is widely considered to generate the best cleaning results. A high concentration solution is used to remove dirt from the fibres and then a high pressure vacuum cleans the items and leaves them odour free.

We utilise high quality, high powered machines that contain twin vacuum motors to remove as much of the dirt as possible and leave the items as dry as possible. This cleans the base of the carpet leaving it hygienically clean. Drying times can vary this depends on the weather, ventilation and the fibre type of the carpet. We often see synthetic carpets touch dry in 2-4 hours using our wet cleaning technique. On natural fibre carpets such as wool, the drying times are somewhat extended to 4-6 hours.

If the carpet was for example a heavily soiled Restaurant Carpet with thick Grease we would use Rotary Scrubbing first followed by Hot Water Extraction. This method is the best system for carpets that are really bad in condition, first we Rotary scrub using an enzyme solution which breaks down food based dirt then we follow up with the High powered Extraction Machine removing as much dirt and grease as possible. We use this system successfully on the following local restaurants: Kardamom Lounge, Voongs, Kam Tong Gardens, Mozza, Royal Thai and Naidni to name a few all with excellent results.

Bonnet Cleaning only utilises minimal quantities of water and allows carpets to be dry in less than 60 minutes in most cases. The fibres are agitated with a cleaning solution to allow maximum penetration during the cleaning process. A pad which absorbs dirt and grease is then used to wipe away the solution, leaving the area clean and dry. For cleaning carpet tiles or synthetic carpets this would be the most appropriate method of cleaning. The dirtiness of the carpet will affect the drying time, either quicker or slower.

Cleaning a carpet regularly can dramatically increase the appearance of the carpet and keep it looking good; we can therefore offer commercial carpet maintenance packages. This would consist of an initial deep clean using hot water extraction system if needed, followed by regular maintenance cleaning using one of Clean directs Systems. Maintenance packages would be set over a year. We can attend weekly, monthly or quarterly. We would offer a package to suit your specific requirements and all work would be carried out to fit in with your workforce.

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