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Rugs and upholstery cleaned in Milton Keynes

Carpet cleaning in Milton Keynes employs 100% biodegradable cleaning equipment and techniques. We offer an effective cleaning process for your rugs and upholstery. The prices for our rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning are highly competitive across this sector. We will take the time required to provide you with the best quality clean, ensuring a high quality clean and removal of spots, grease and dirt from your fabrics.

At Clean Direct we use Hot water extraction for Upholstery Cleaning as this is the most thorough cleaning system around. Also know as steam cleaning, this technique employs the most amount of water and therefore has the longest drying times. However, it is regarded by the industry and us to be the deepest and best cleaning technique. It works by injecting cleaning solutions at high pressure into the item, dislodging and dirt or grease adhered to the fibres. The dirty solution is then rapidly removed under high vacuum leaving the items clean and odour free. We utilise high quality, high powered machines that contain twin vacuum motors to remove as much of the dirt as possible and leave the items as dry as possible. Drying time can be 2-6 hours but can be up to 24 hours depending on how soiled the item is.

We also offer an offsite rug cleaning service where we collect your Rug then return it to our Unit. Then depending on condition of the rug we clean using one of our cleaning systems. Then we return the rug to you clean and dry at a time convenient.

On all carpet and upholstery services we can also offer for an extra cost a stain shield and a deodorising treatment, leaving it with a fresh scent and protection against further stains and spillages.

For high quality cleaning of your chairs, sofas, settees couches, cushions and Rugs, contact Clean Direct.

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